Fieke van Berkom
Fieke van Berkom is a Eindhoven (the Netherlands) based photographer. Between 2010 and 2013 she travelled to Detroit to photograph the city and it‘s citizens hit by the financial crisis. This photobook is about a young man named Miles Rose. Miles moved from Florida to Detroit when he was 15 and used to financial crisis to buy his own house in Detroit and experiment with the ‘greenest‘ of energy sources; wind, solar, biomass. The photobook show‘s alternative and positive ways to life in Detroit. It is part of a bigger series of books focussing on different stories of all kinds of Detroit Citizens. The book is bound in the Japanese style and uses foldout spreads to create an immersive experience for the viewer.

fieke-van-berkom-photobook-01 fieke-van-berkom-photobook-02 fieke-van-berkom-photobook-03 fieke-van-berkom-photobook-06 fieke-van-berkom-photobook-07 fieke-van-berkom-photobook-04 fieke-van-berkom-photobook-05 fieke-van-berkom-photobook-10 fieke-van-berkom-photobook-08 fieke-van-berkom-photobook-13 fieke-van-berkom-photobook-09